About This Website’s Future Activities

This site was launched on October 1, 2022 with the intention of coordinating the global days. However, because "The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims" has recently covered this topic adequately, this website will just be utilized for coordinating special events such as the Berlin rally for freedom.

Take action for freedom in Iran

On 13 September 2022 the Iranian police arrested and abused Mahsa Jina Amini for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly. Three days later she died of her injuries. Following her death, women are leading protests across Iran. They cut off their hair. And all over the country, women as well as men are taking to the streets demanding freedom and justice. The Iranian regime brutally crushes the protests. Hundreds of people have been killed, hundreds injured, and thousands arrested.

What can you do?

The Iranian women and people desperately need your support to stop the atrocities of the Iranian regime.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, people around the world are organizing solidarity actions to call on governments, the European Union and the United Nations to stop the violence of the regime.

Join an action or organize your own action: a demonstration, a march, a candlelight vigil, whatever you can think of and are capable of doing. All actions matter.

Spread the word. Don't be silent. Support the Iranian women in their fight for freedom and justice.

Supporting Organisations

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